Any Nikon P330 experiences?

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Re: Any Nikon P330 experiences?

Ok -- I just picked one up - and here are my thoughts.

1 - It's lightweight and the frame feels flexy and cheap.

2 - The interface is un-intuitive. Use the wheel to move backward thru menus / don't hit menu to default back. Caveat - I'm ingrained to the Canon Powershot interface - shame on me.
There is an FN button on the front which is slightly programmable.

3 - Shooting indoors with low light - is slow - and not very "Snappy" - shooting everything at auto ISO. f1.8 is nice to have - most of what I shot was a iso 200-400. Maybe it wasn't a fast aquire of focus because I was using very challenging indoor light.

4 - Shooting indoors at 1030am skyklight lit subjects -- focus is snappy and fast and almost impressive shooting at f2.8. Increasing to f4.0 and focus lock slows just a bit (enough to notice)

5 - Battery charging is confusing - I' trying to figure out if their cable is a proprietary USB cable or not. It may just be some kind of mini-mini usb.

6 - Bottom Left corner of display doesn't diaplay ISO dynamically - I can't see what it was until I hit the play button to review the shot.

7 - Movie settings are confusing - 1080p30*, 1080p30, 1080/60i, 720/30p, iFrame 540/30p, 480/30p, HS 480/4x -- so.. .where is 24p ?

8 - Instruction Manual is disappointing - there are more pages spent on setting date and time and no pages describing movie settings - epic Fail. There is no electronic version on the NikonUSA web site - Epic Fail.

9 - Images appear crisp and sharp - at 100% on screen they show some crunch - considering this sensor size I think this is excellent.

10 - From viewing in a quick download of Nikon's NX - the RAW appears to look the same as the JPG at 100% - I will have to spend some time with that. Raws are 25mb and jpgs are approaching 5mb.

11 - Write time speed to the card isn't impressive and actually pretty sluggish for both jpg and raw.

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