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Re: Relative colorimetric vs perceptual

Fulvio Senore wrote:

Thank you for your explanation, it is much appreciated.

I have a question: in Photoshop I can use the "View/Proof setup/Custom" menu to proof colours.

I can see large colour differences when I switch from relative colorimetric to perceptual. I admit that I have not made a print test yet, but the difference is really disturbing.

Is that colour difference reliable? Would I see the same difference in the printed image?

No, it isn't entirely reliable. The out of gamut warning areas should be reasonably reliable, although there is no indication of how far out of gamut they are. The softproof is there to give you an idea of how it will print, and is definitely way off for matte papers. And remember you are also dealing with the gamut of your monitor. You could have colors in the image that are in the printer's gamut but out of the monitor's gamut.

There is nothing that beats a hard proof on the same paper as the final print, even if it is at a reduced size.

Brian A

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