Decent manual focus landscape lens?

Started Mar 28, 2013 | Questions thread
John Knuhtsen
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Re: Decent manual focus landscape lens?

JAGmtb wrote:

I've been looking at the  zeiss pancolar 50mm 1.8 and tessar 50mm2.8, but they seem to be geared more for portrait shots. Any suggestions?

Zeiss Pancolar is a very nice lens, but it has some glass inside contaning radioactive thorium, which means that pictures might have a yellow tint. The tint can be removed now and then by UV exposure in the sun.

I agree that a landscape lens might be much shorter, per example maximum 36 mm equivalent. This means a 24 mm legacy lens. I can recommend konica hexanon 24 F/2.8 and olympus same data (canon s.s.c. as well).

There is also a sony 35 mm now with autofocus and OIS. A zeiss is 32 mm on the way also.

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