Nikon DSLR -> Mirrorless

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Some samples

OK. Here are some samples. Note that all of these are taken at f1.8 or close to it.  So, extremely shallow dof, which you can see.  These were from my first set with the 5R and the new firmware for the SEL50.  I'm still working on my technique and I'm not always so good.  The one with the tiger you can see that the the focus is an inch off or so re: his eyes because his shoulder is in perfect focus. But, that is not a focus speed question. Focus speed problems are fairly gross.  I think this is my fault, but I'm not so sure it is bad, but probably it could be better.

Some other things.  These are not posed. They just happened while they played.  Note that none are taken from an adult standing height.  I dislike such photos.  They were all taken with the lcd and the camera moving, shot to shot, about as fast as the kids do, at arm's length.  Obviously I was pushing the shutter speed down into a risky zone to keep the ISO down.

The only real points are two: I don't think the AF speed is an issue for this class of subject generally.  I think, and this is fairly personal aesthetic preference, that maximizing camera mobility and minimizing camera intimidation are big factors favoring small cameras and framing with lcd for young children.

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