Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

There are always a number of DPR Forum posters who will just never be satisfied with anything, except carping, whining, and moaning about any and every new camera (and the company that built it) that comes along.  To be charitable, I chalk it up to the faceless un-civility that can rear its' head on the WWW at any given moment.  I sincerely hope in their personal lives they are not as miserable as they are in this forum !

I will say what I've been thinking:  I think the X20 is going to be more different than the X10 than anyone realizes.  As such, a lot of the techniques we learned for the X10 will either have to be modified a lot, or we'll have to develop strategies unique to the 20.

But I don't see how any of that's possible as they are only now getting into circulation.  Can not understand how for some the thing has already run it's entire product cycle just by reading random posts and dodgy personal reviews (usually with dreadful pics) without ever using one themsleves.

And ultimately, Fujifilm surely did a LOT of work updating the 20 and 100S, obviously listened to their customers, and are selling the new products for the same MSRP.  Bravo !

Where's the Tylenol . . . . .

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