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Neil_SI wrote:

...We’ll obviously take a little more care with those requests and of course, from our side, we’re aware of what the expectations here with regards to certain posts that may not necessarily adhere to the guidelines...

Thanks for your informative reply Neil. As a matter of interest, what are the guidelines regarding Panasonic cameras with Leica lenses? As these have been accepted as legitimate here for many years. Or (this affects me) even for instance the Olympus OM-D with a Pana/Leica 25mm Summilux?

Best wishes

Hi Mike,

I'm on vacation at the moment, so don't have the guidelines in front of me to be able to tell you precisely.

For what it's worth, my personal view is that I have no issue with posts with that type of content being posted in this forum, nor do I necessarily have an issue with wholly non Leica posts, albeit there has to be an ale net of balance of course, which I think in the main is achieved well in our section.

I will double check the guidelines on my return. The issue at hand was just a genuine request by another moderator. I suppose if you look at it another way - there's some great posters in this area, so it's natural to want them to post in other related forums too. I'm just speculating there, but can certainly understand that point of view too.

Hope that helps

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