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Re: Black X100S

So if it were your company you would release a black camera with a finish you knew wasn't durable? And you would market that how? "We decided to use a finish we know isn't durable in order to keep costs down. If you want a durable finish, don't buy it." Or the positive spin might be: "Paint will flake off fairly quickly, giving that desirable vintage look in no time at all!"

What is "not entirely credible" about wanting to release a product with a durable finish, which is more costly?

Keit ll wrote:

Yes Fuji have stated that it costs too much for a black finish but that is not entirely credible as they have produced the X20 in black. The finish , as stated,  may not be so durable but if buyers want a black version they can decide for themselves if the risk is worth it ?

When the majority of cameras on the market are black this is a strange decision.  I quite like the silver & black finish but I am all for giving people a choice.

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