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Re: What is the dng. file?

Fredy Ross wrote:

I wrote to google as I bought the bundle months ago and they sent me two files to download. No problems with my computer but can't open the dng. after download and not sure what it is. Nik software works fine on both but how do I know if I am using my original nik software or google's new one? I saved the files online as suggested but when I  now go to look I don't know where to find it even though I found my profile. where are those saved files???? Very confused about the whole thing as I was really happy with nik and knew if I bought a tablet with win8 I knew where my licence nos were and now I have no idea. anybody else in the same boat? Thanks and hope someone has an answer as I am very confused.

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The .dmg file is the mac download you can delete it if you don't have a mac. If you used IE to download the windows version the .exe may have been stripped off.   Look for a file with NikCollection_1.007_22671_win_full with out an extension and add .exe or use Firefox or Chrome to download.

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