Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

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Re: Why I Prefer the E-5 over the OM-D

Don't have a lot to add beyond what's been discussed on the technology. I find the two cameras complementary, each with advantages over the other and with a rather large area of overlap.

It's ironic you can't shoot the fast µ4/3 primes wide open in daylight w/o added filters. You can with the E-5, in large part because of the 1/8000 shutter.

Am in the midst of a big spring break road trip and my only body is the E-M5, plus a mix of system, 4/3 and legacy lenses. The kit is flat-out working and let me tell you, NOT lugging the honking E-5 around SeaWorld for eight hours is a blessing I can't place a value on. I finally figured out the CAF, as a small bonus.



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