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Re: Win8 to Win7

Bob Collette wrote:

Malch, I don't know what version of Win8 the Dell comes with.  However, from what I've read, if it's Win8 Pro, you can "downgrade" to Win7 pro.  You'll have to call Microsoft to get Win7 Pro activated, but it's an option if you want to stick with Win7.

It's the basic Win 8.

Schedules are such that I'm now planning to spend a few days playing with the new XPS 8500 as delivered. This will give me a chance to check everything out and really take a hard look at Win 8. I already have a growing list of specific things I want to look at. Then I'll make a decision whether to go with 7 or 8, start adding hardware, and clean install.

If it's Win 7, I'll use my existing Win 7 Pro. I'll either put Linux or a spare copy of Win 7 Home on the new old machine, probably both!

If it's Win 8, I'll likely buy the Pro pack mainly for BitLocker and the Group Policy Editor. If I'm feeling cheap, I'll switch to TrueCrypt and use RegEdit or something

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