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Re: Excellent comparison...

digital ed wrote:

...from someone with experience. It is generally accepted that the Canon has better video but to hear the differences helps understand why.

One question. I normally never use auto focus when shooting video with my D800. You mention an advantage of Nikon using AF with face detection for interviews. In your experience does this ever hunt focus at the wrong time?

As long as you have it set to "Face Detection AF" and arent hitting the AF button continuously while you are recording you should be good.

The big advantage is when you are shooting an interview with shallow DOF using a 50 1.2 at 1.2 or an 85 1.2 at 1.2 or even up to 2.8 and your subject is moving you simply refocus and you know that your good.

With interview setups typically we shoot two cameras with two different focal lengths, so refocusing during an interview is common, because you can always cut to your wide shot when necessary or B-Roll.

The Face detection AF on the nikon is LIGHTNING fast, and extremely practical and I would use it every day if it worked that well on the Canon.

Canon DOES have face detection, but it is very slow, and not very accurate.

For photography the 3D AF system on the D800 and other nikons is light years ahead of the Canon AF system, and makes the nikons a very attractive option for stills.

Hope that helps.

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