Is professional photography dying out?

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Sustained effort and talent

If I may offer my two cents worth as someone who has built a number of businesses from scratch. I am not suggesting you don't have talent but in a tough competitive market one must stand out from the crowd as a prerequisite. That done, when it comes to advertising there is no better advert then word-of-mouth. Start small - do freebies, get a name. When the revenue stream justifies marketing (which is usually a good ways down the line) you will need to sustain a campaign for long enough for it to become a force...and that takes time and money. a couple of one-off ads here and there are wasted money. It takes time, effort and energy - and a healthy dose of creativity to break into a market. Give it time. Don't back off. And business is cyclical, good times and bad. You have to sustain through the bad repeatedly. Then it all falls into place.

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