Can i handle this shoot?

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Re: Can i handle this shoot?

AofA wrote:

i have years of analogue photography, and i hv been shooting digital with a Canon G series. and i know all the technical basics of photography and then some. i just haven't developed a workflow or know how to be able to edit and finalize images. although i've been exposed to a lot of it...

i hv a shoot coming up. i want to use my new Nikon D800e. if after reading the manual and watching a tutorial on the camera, will i have enough information. like i said, i have 20+ years shooting as an artist.

i won't worry about post at this time 'cause i'll get someone to help me.

OK. I'm going to try again:

I do have years of experience shooting film as an artist. I've done some commercial work over the years. I don't consider myself a commercial photographer however, although i have been paid for commercial work.

I fell in the gap between analogue and digital and have never been able to make my way out of it. A sport's model wants to do a paid shoot. I'm comfortable shooting this, but am new to using a pro DSLR like the D800e which i am planning on buying any day. I understand all the basics and advanced uses of photography. I don't understand white balance yet and would like to use an X-rite Passport to help with it and colour balance. I just need to understand this camera fully so, as one poster stated-- I can control the camera and not the other way around!

There is a lengthy tutorial on and an extensive Nikon manual. I will also do a test with the camera before the shoot. I'm thinking of using only daylight with some off camera fill flash using the SB910 Speedlight and a reflector if needed. I don't want to do a full on studio strobes session because this will be too challenging at this time.

The model knows i'm having a learning curve with this camera and i'm willing to adjust the cost of the shoot to compensate for this. I will need to work with a third party to help with post. I can do an initial edit in LR. But i will need the selected images to be finalized through retouching, colour correction, some image manipulation, creating a contact sheet, watermarks and then creating final files in different sizes and resolutions to give to the client. I only present my best work to the client and do not release "all" the shots from them to review.

Thanks for all your input. I hope this helps!

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