New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

Started Mar 22, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: New Guy Needs Help with DSLR Purchase

7d is an outstanding camera. Build quality, frame rate (8fps), focusing system, are all fantastic and can't be beat by any other aps-c Canon body. Throw in the latest firmware AND Magic Lantern, and you've got yourself a very compelling body. One other point that makes a big difference for me is the ability to Micro Adjust focus for each lens. Over half of my lenses required a small degree of MA, and one of my Tamrons required +9. Can't do this with the other Canon aps-c cameras.

The sensor may not be bleeding edge, but 18mp is more than enough for outstanding resolution and a fair amount of cropping. It may not have the best low light capabilities, but its definitely acceptable, and with a little post noise reduction, you are in business.

To here to get some basic ideas on what it's capable of compared to other cameras. No test charts, just real world shooting.

Good luck!

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