Can i handle this shoot?

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Re: Can i handle this shoot?

Gary_Scotland wrote:

AofA wrote:

i have years of analogue photography, and i hv been shooting digital with a Canon G series. and i know all the technical basics of photography and then some. i just haven't developed a workflow or know how to be able to edit and finalize images. although i've been exposed to a lot of it...

i hv a shoot coming up. i want to use my new Nikon D800e. if after reading the manual and watching a tutorial on the camera, will i have enough information. like i said, i have 20+ years shooting as an artist.

i won't worry about post at this time 'cause i'll get someone to help me.


I am not 100% sure of what your actual concerns are about the shoot, so my apologies if I go off on the wrong tangent.

You mention that you have a grasp of the technical aspects of photography, and you have over 20 years of experience. Photography, whether analogue or digital isn't any different, but digital can offer a big advantage due to cameras being packed with so many automatic features these days, that it is 'relatively easy' to get an 'ok' exposed image without much difficulty.

Having grasped the technical aspects of photography you will the advantage on being able to take control of the camera, rather than allowing it to control you, so it is really only a case of learning where these controls are on the camera. If I am reading your 'worry' right, this is what your concern is about? (taking control of the D800E? If so, then what you are doing is right, in my view. All you are needing to do is find out where to adjust the settings on the camera to allow you to apply your technical knowledge, which, as you you have been doing, means reading the manual, watching videos, etc about the camera layout.

I think that sometimes when reading through forums it can make things more complex than they need to be, and many posts often mix 'learning photography' and 'learning to use the camera'. Learning to use the camera is the easy part I think that you will find that, if you were competent with your photography skills when shooting analogue, it will be a breeze for you to apply everything to the digital camera. Try not to get too carried away by the apparent complexities of the camera, as most of these complexities are only enhancing 'automatic' settings and promoting the 'camera' to take more control rather than the photographer.

The processing, as with analogue, is a very important aspect of the final photograph, and I think that you are doing the right thing to pass it onto someone else to do, until you either learn it, or continue to use a third party to do it.

Good luck and hope that your shoot goes to plan.



see. that was a thoughtful answer despite my "stupidy" question. true, it's not about learning TO photograph, it's about wanting to understand this camera (and digital photography in general) enough in order to capture the images that i need. like i said. i will hand over the post to a third party and oversee the job. i can do a basic edit in LR.

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