Notebook, Tower PC, All-in-one - what is your hardware ?

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,217
All-in-ones = junk..don't feel much different laptops

All-in-ones are basically a laptop chassis bolted to the back of the cheapest monitor the vendor can find. Basically the worst of all worlds. Unless you are running a point of sale network avoid the things.

I have similiar contempt for laptops. The average lifespan of a top line corporate desktop in my experience is 18-22months, and this includes Mac. Either something on the mainboard fails, or the machine simply can't keep up with software blot. Displays suck, and when working on your lap my testicles bake under over-heated batteries. Last two laptops I borrowed from work would crash the wi-fi connection if more than 7 tabs were open under Chrome.

I'd rather sit in a cushy chair with the stereo on and my near two year old i7 ripping through RAW files like nothing with over 10 applications open. By the time you deck out a portable to run kinda like that desktop i7 I could buy three desktops.

I'd rather get my editing done in half the time and spend the difference in time taking pictures.

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