Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

I do have a youtube account but nobody views it. I did get a few hundred views from my assembly/disassembly of my automatic. That was about it though. I did at one time have a video of me telling everybody how great my photography was and somebody else proclaiming the same but no viewers. Nobody was interested.

As far as Facebook is concerned. That was a bust too - I had a photography webpage but absolutely nobody viewed it so in the end I dumped it.

To get anywhere online you have to start from a critical mass of viewers or it just doesn't work. I have never had any luck with this online garbage, no matter how much money I throw at it. As an example, I tried advertising a sideline that nobody else does locally and had a Facebook paid advert. All I got was site hits but zero page views. That was an education for $25 of the worthlessness of Facebook.

The above shows a MAJOR misunderstanding about how social marketing works. Social marketing  only works to its potential when you are ACTIVELY engaging with your audience. Comments, posts, interaction. Photos aren't just put in some gallery they are posted, tagged, and made extremely easy to those people's friends and family to see and engage with. Interesting posts are crafted so that people want to stay up to date with what you have to say, not just your business.

re are 140 people advertising photography locally in an area of 250K people.

That's it?! Man, wouldn't that be nice! My area is about 150k and there are WAY more than 140 people advertising photography. Heck, just in one single photographer's group I'm involved with there are 100+, and there are a LOT of people that aren't involved there.

Try explaining to Joe Soap and Jane Doe down the street why your photo with a DSLR is better than their photo taken with a cellphone...

Beep! Error, error, error! Don't tell them, show them. Then, after you show them, make sure you advertise effectively so that they will show their friends!

Some of those cellphones are pretty darned good - even in low light. I think you'll find that's where part of the problem is. The only photos people want these days are photos they can put up on Facebook.

Explain to me why the professional quality images that you create can't go on Facebook for them?

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