Can i handle this shoot?

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Majikthize wrote:

ARShutterbug wrote:

I counted more than twelve errors in your message.  If you're this sloppy when writing a simple, two-paragraph question that you expect somebody to read, I wonder what you do with your photos.  You should worry about your post, because it was barely understandable.  If you lack the process necessary to receive, organise, develop, and distribute the RAW files from your camera, you have no business being anywhere near an important job.  If your experience with your camera amounts to watching some online tutorial and reading the manual once, you have no business being anywhere near an important job.  I don't care if you have twenty years of "experience."  If you haven't trained to use the exact equipment that you intend to use on the day of the job, and you haven't planned for how to receive the data from the camera, you are not qualified to work unsupervised.  A professional would be out practising, not asking stupidly-written questions.  I worry about the client who hired you, and that worry is all from trying to read your vague question!

i have years of analogue photography, and i hv been shooting digital with a Canon G series. and i know all the technical basics of photography and then some. i just haven't developed a workflow or know how to be able to edit and finalize images. although i've been exposed to a lot of it...

i hv a shoot coming up. i want to use my new Nikon D800e. if after reading the manual and watching a tutorial on the camera, will i have enough information. like i said, i have 20+ years shooting as an artist.

i won't worry about post at this time 'cause i'll get someone to help me.

Hey, ARS, as a working pro, I agree with your overall assessment. I was with you right up until "stupidly-written". That was just mean. You're right that if he seems grossly unprepared. And, the manner in which the questions were posed seems unserious. But, concerned though you or I might be for the client, there's no need to get hostile. This IS the Beginners Questions forum.

To the OP - You really have to master your tools before you ask a client to entrust you with important work. If it's a casual product shot or still-life that could be reshot in the event of failure, you could refuse payment and let someone else shoot it later if you can't pull it off. But, if it's a non-repeatable shoot, say an event or, God forbid, a wedding, it would be irresponsible to take on the job if you were not absolutely certain, based on extensive experience, that you could deliver to a high standard.

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i agree. my original post needed to have been better written and i needed to be more clear about the upcoming shoot.

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