TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

Jefftan wrote:

[...] First day I use this camera. Mix feeling.  First impression is not happy with the IQ.  Of course I am not expecting NEX-5N IQ but can't even compare with LX5

Congratulations on your new camera!

Right from the start: There's no way a tougcham could've approached the IQ of an enthusiast camera like an LX-5.

What I found is for wide position F2.8 is sharper than F2

That actually makes sense.  I ran the numbers in an online calculator:

and it says that a camera with a 1/2.3" sensor will only hit diffraction limit at f:4.

The day that I take the photo is not in good lighting, cloudy but still the IQ is disappointing to me

With a milky sky like this, the contrast between the sky and the ground is huge.  The metering decided to sacrifice the sky - a good guess.

Did you have the "shadow adjust" enabled?  I can't tell from EXIF.  It can have an effect on the IQ.

So basically this is the IQ you can expect in cloudy lighting

Both HDR and handheld starlight is useless at only 3MP

below an example of HDR from scene mode

HDR takes multiple shots, then processes them.  I found that TG-1 HDR is very susceptible to camera shake.  The only way I could get it to stay sharp is by bracing my hand against a solid object.  (In TG-1, HDR scene mode works in 5MP. Are you sure it's just 3MP in TG-2? That seems like a step backwards).

Any comment welcome

I'd say, the IQ is similar to that of TG-1.  Which is what I'd expect with the same sensor and same lens.  The fact that you were able to choose an aperture at will, however, is a huge improvement.


Battery life is exceptional take 174 pics and a short movie, battery indicator still show full battery

I find that the battery life indicator in my TG-1 is somewhat unpredictable, especially if I switch between stills and video and back.  It stays full for a long time, then switches to 2/3, and (especially if you shoot video) almost immediately becomes empty.

Also, when the battery is low, the AF starts to faulter.  Focusing takes longer, and the percentage of keepers goes down.

Image stabilization is not good. I will talk about that more in  another post about High ISO but don't think of go to single digit in shutter speed, very likelly to blur

I have a similar experience with the TG-1 (and with TS-1). I think that has to do with the size and shape of the camera.  Just because it's so small and light, it's a harder to hold steady - and it also gives your muscles a hint "I'm a small solid thing, no need to pay attention how you hold me".  I found that I have to pay attention to proper handholding in order to avoid smearing.

what is surprising is that some 1/15 and 1/30 shot also blur . I am still not sure whether that is due to handshake or focus not lock at all in low light . Kind of hard to believe 1/30 shot in 25mm equivalent can have handshake

The 1/shutter speed rule is for SLRs.  Smaller body, different rules.  Try disabling IS and see how much harder it becomes to get sharp shots.

Focus fast in daytime but not super fast compare to me previous TX5 and TS1.  Nighttime focus is not so fast and I am not even sure if focus is lock at all as said above

Yes, AFAIK it will take a shot even if it couldn't lock focus.

The short movie has lots of wind noise with microphone set to "low" recording level.  I don't speak but that wind noise would surely take away all conversation.  Video take at night and IQ not good.  See If I can post it to youtube later

Did you have the "wind noise reduction" enabled?  Also, did you hear the fast click-click-clicking noise from the camera's AF (one of my main problems with TG-1)?

That's all I can think of now.  My impression is that I am not very satisfied with it. Just OK in IQ to me for a waterproof camera

When all at ISO 100 I think IQ is worse than Panasonic TS1 and Sony TX5 2009 and 2010 camera.

Last year, I took the TG-1 on a wilderness trip with me, with my old TS-1 as a backup.  By the end of the trip (fifth day) the TG-1's battery went dead, so I switched to the TS-1.  It was overcast and fairly dark (we were paddling through a fairly narrow canyon with lots of dark foliage).  The TS-1's shots were horrible.  Blown out sky, lots of motion smearing, digital noise, etc.  My point is - don't compare the best you've gotten from the TS-1 against the first attempts with the TG-2.  The TG-2 is very capable, but it takes time to learn its limitations.

Especially compare with 10MP TX5 I think less sharp and less detail capture when both at ISO 100.  This is just my impression as no comparison can be done.  I already lost my TX5 in the sea, sad as that is a very good waterproof camera

Except for the F2 lens no real advancement in 3-4 years

Well - that is the killer feature.  The camera is basically no different from its f:3.9 bretheren, except you can get the same results in a (much) wider variety of light.


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