OMD + one lens for mountaineering

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Re: OMD + one lens for mountaineering

Unfortunately, no lens will give you the "wow" factor, unless you combine it with a degree of imagination ,compositional skill and aesthetic sensibility, particularly in relation to quality of light.

Its very easy  to get boring, cliched shots with any lens, but that is especially true with UWAs. They can give you exaggerated perspective which may be attractive initially IF you have interesting foreground interest, but can be deadly dull without.

The fact that you are interested in people in the landscape also suggests that a medium tele would be useful for capturing client reactions to their environment, especially during the golden hour, close ups of individuals or couples "being there", especially against the light, etc., with "there" in the background.

If you are selling the pics, these are the sort of photos people are likely to pay for, not the "I'm the tiny pinprick in the extreme corner of the wide angle shot" pic, or the " this is the group shot, shame about the extreme distortion of the three people on the end of the row" pic.

The slightly compressed perspective of a medium tele can also be invaluable in picking out ridges and peaks in different levels of lighting , and selectively highlighting areas of sky at dawn or sunset.

My 2c:  take along something that gives you at least 45mm FL. Whatever.

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