New Epson WorkForce_very poor Draft print quality

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Re: Draft Mode has always been Daft Mode for Epsons

Thanks for all comments & info.  BTW, I'm disabled & little income.  Wife's a teacher.  You get the idea.  We have to pinch pennies.

Serhat - in Epsons, draft mode may have always meant "bad printing," but not in HPs (several I've owned).  In HPs I've used, Draft means not suitable for business letters or resumes, etc.  But it's QUITE readable & completely suitable for "how to" computer articles, stuff you want to save for personal use; even teacher papers to be copied off.  Don't know how much more clear it could be - from the images.

HP's fastest draft mode WITH lowest ink vol. setting - all letters appear filled in & not jagged (at normal reading distance).  It's just lighter & a bit fuzzier letter edges.  But, it doesn't look anything like Epson's draft.

Zone8 - thanks for insight.  Apparently, Epson handles things differently.  Maybe new HP's do, also.  In a 4 yr old HP C6280 (using compatible, pre filled carts), printing on Draft AND using lowest ink vol setting (HP allowed setting ink vol.), didn't cause 1/2 full carts to show empty, based on # of pages printed vs ink remaining.

* Did you mean only OEM Epson carts' chips would "count pages" & show empty - when wasn't, if you printed mostly on Draft, or compatibles, also?   If an HP compatible cart stopped printing before empty, seller replaced it free of chg - no shipping.

Can't speak to HP OEM.  Using settings I described on several HPs (but not 2012 models), made carts last WAY longer (maybe 2x) than using "normal" or Standard mode.  As said, Fast Draft was quite readable for avg stuff.

I'm may try taking flash drive to the store - see if can print from diff brands/ models in Draft, Standard - to see how NEW printers compare.  Now, I'm comparing 4 yr old HP w/ new Epson.  Mfgs are always trying to increase profits.

If ONLY Epson has so poor Draft quality, no one uses it, I'll probably look elsewhere.  I was (still am) willing to give Epson a shot.  Maybe there's good reason Epson has many times < mkt share than HP?

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