What % of DLSR buyers stick with kit lens only?

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Re: What % of DLSR buyers stick with kit lens only?

mobi1 wrote:

Just inquisitive, is there any statistics available for such scenario?

I think that would be hard to know as you have to qualify first who gets what FL lens as a kit lens then try to create a statistical percentage for each i.e. (I shoot Canon) 18-55 IS, 18-135, or both, if you may, you can still include the 24-105L but I think those cameras with kit 24-105L are those bought by pros and serious enthusiast.

OTOH, IMHO, I think more than 50% of those with DSLR's would stick with their kit lens ( I believe this happens on those entry level Cams up to mid-end ones like the canon xxD)  As most of these people just wanted a bigger than usual necklace or shoulder strap thing, not knowing how to use it or how to maximized the potential of their cameras.  You can see a lot of them. You can tell by the way they use the on board flash.

Why is this?  I believed a majority of them plunged into the DSLR mania just for bragging.  without even bothering to educate themselves on the full potential of the system thus making them ill-prepared when the start seeing the prices of the lenses.  Or prices may not be a problem but their nutheads.  Imagine I came upon an online camera seller with one potential buyer asking if a 70-200L 2.8 II will be compatible with his T2i.

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