Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

I do have a youtube account but nobody views it. I did get a few hundred views from my assembly/disassembly of my automatic. That was about it though. I did at one time have a video of me telling everybody how great my photography was and somebody else proclaiming the same but no viewers. Nobody was interested.

As far as Facebook is concerned. That was a bust too - I had a photography webpage but absolutely nobody viewed it so in the end I dumped it.

To get anywhere online you have to start from a critical mass of viewers or it just doesn't work. I have never had any luck with this online garbage, no matter how much money I throw at it. As an example, I tried advertising a sideline that nobody else does locally and had a Facebook paid advert. All I got was site hits but zero page views. That was an education for $25 of the worthlessness of Facebook.

I have tried all the avenues. I had a 3 month TV advert running every 15 minutes for $1,000 all in. It got me zero callers. It was pretty well targeted too.

There are 140 people advertising photography locally in an area of 250K people. I know one lady with her own studio - in a mall - that works daycare as well because the photography does not pay enough. I know one couple who seem to move their studio around at the drop of a hat; presumably when the first month's rent is due.

Try explaining to Joe Soap and Jane Doe down the street why your photo with a DSLR is better than their photo taken with a cellphone. Some of those cellphones are pretty darned good - even in low light. I think you'll find that's where part of the problem is. The only photos people want these days are photos they can put up on Facebook.

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