FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

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Re: FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

SilkyPix 5 is for me a must for long zoom images.

There I can remove the JPEG artifacts out of the animal details.

But for landscape fotos the SilkyPix 5 results are too smooth for my taste. Branches are smeared away where in the JPEG version the branches are visible, yes with more artifacts but visible.

OK SIlkyPix makes reveals more shadow and highlight details, but I could live without that.

If someone tells me how to sharpen the RAWs to look sharp like the JPEGs I would try that too.


And second what I discovered to make more artifacts is the iResolution.

I disabled iResolution and shoot simply in P mode with AWB only one click (not 2 or 3 it's too warm, I dont want a Canon look again)  to A (left) and highest JPEG quality.

All the other N and S Settings I left on 0!

No more experiments for me. Turning down sharpness makes photos too soft, even with iResolution on, which only causes ugly artifacts.

Turning down Noise reduction makes on the sky some kind of ugly posterization effect.

When I need iZoom where iResolution is enabled as well, I go to mode dial C1 where I have enabled this feature but also RAW, so I don't have to deal with iResolution when I use RAW for long zoom anyway.

In scenery images I have to reduce NR to -2 or tree branches are smudged. Ires on this camera is set to high and really only works when ires and sharpness is low. No higher than -1. If your not a pixel peeper and don't crop to much higher SH can look good. I am looking back at my non ires images taken last fall and I like my SH -1 and NR -2 settings in standard photo style mode. Halos along straight edges are acceptable with these settings and they clean up easy enough in neat image if I want them cleaner.

Ires is dynamic and doesn't always get it right but when it does it can be pretty good. Still scenery shots can have fine detail smudges even with NR -2.

So my new plan is to set NR -2 and adjust SH to taste. SH -1 works for me. if too much noise I increase NR to -1 or even 0. SH set to 0 seems to highlight large high luminance noise that is hard to remove in pp. You don't see it as much when NR is set high with SH also at 0 but its there. I don't see this noise in Silkypix pro with RAW files so its the camera processing that adds that noise.

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