Wish I could Affordthe D7100 but the D7000 still delivers

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Re: Delivers is an understatement!

SMPhoto wrote:

sandy b wrote:

The sensor in the D7000 has the the best APS-C sensor in any camera except maybe the Pentax variant, IMO. And an amazing well rounded out camera that will be under $850 by summer. I hope.

It is a very good sensor. If they had delivered it in a D300 grade body it would have been an APS-C world beater the last 2 years.

Perhaps Nikon and Canon are a cartel, but they seem to like to avoid putting cameras up against identical price segments. A D300 with D7000 sensor would seem to put it right up against the 7D. It wasn't a fight Nikon would have lost but they didnt even try. D300 users were wary of the D7000 focus capability and the D7000 users thought the D300 image quality would have been a downgrade. Mad that Nikon wouldn't give DX pros better for two and a half years.

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