What % of DLSR buyers stick with kit lens only?

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Re: What % of DLSR buyers stick with kit lens only?

MaxCh wrote:

I assume it is a very small minority of DLSR users.

I've been shooting with my t3i rebel for the past 2 years using the kit lens in AUTO (yes, in AUTO) and I am very happy with 80%-90% of my pictures. I think the quality is amazing. I used my t3i three times in Disney/Universal and could not be happier. I know using manual mode could improve my pictures but it seemed too risky.

I would wager that the vast majority of DSLR users, including professionals, use some sort of auto-exposure mode. However, there's a big difference between that and shooting in "green" mode on an entry level DSLR (note that higher end models don't even offer that option).

For instance, the auto-exposure mode I use most is auto-ISO, where I set the aperture and shutter speed for photo and let the camera adjust ISO accordingly for proper exposure. The odd thing about this auto-exposure mode is that I need to set my exposure mode to "manual" to use it. That gives me control of aperture and shutter speed, versus controlling only one of those in aperture or shutter priority. The "auto" bit is the variable ISO. Even though it's an auto-exposure mode, I can override the camera's judgement by using exposure compensation when necessary.

Canon handles things a bit differently than Nikon in this respect, most notably by not having functional exposure compensation. It may not even apply for Nikon's entry level bodies for all I know. I do know my P7700 compact won't let me shoot the same way that I do with the D3S and D300S even though it has auto-ISO and manual modes. For some strange reason it wants to fix the ISO at base ISO when I select those options.

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