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Re: Nikon DSLR --> Mirrorless

I typically carry the X100 with me or the SLR with one lens (max 2). No camera bags ever.

I like the fast response time and focusing on my D40 and D5100 (although they are entry level DSLRs) and sometimes get frustrated with OOF and blurry pictures with the X100, however the keepers from the X100 are on average far more beautiful to my eye than the keepers from the Nikon SLR+35mm.

If you want small size (not just in the body, but the lenses as well) have you looked at the Nikon V1 or V2? The V1 can probably still be found for a very low price, around $400 for a two lens kit. I have the V1 and the X100 and although I love both cameras the X100's focus speed and that it focuses on the wrong thing often is almost enough to suck the fun out of it. I've had it for 5 months now and enjoy shooting with it, but when I pick up the V1 it's a more carefree shooting experience. I don't have to worry if I'll be able to get focus fast enough or about switching to some silly macro mode.

OR I can buy the NEX-6 or Fujifilm E-X1 with the kit lenses, sell off my Nikon gear (D40+35mm+18-55mm+55-200mm) for about $300 and start acquiring new lenses for the mirror-less system I chose. The intention would be to end up with 1 fast 'normal' prime, 1 wide angle zoom/prime, 1 normal zoom/kit-lens and 1 longer zoom (55mm-200m or so). I would really like the camera with any of those 4 lenses attached to be significantly smaller than my D5100+lens, else I don't see the point of switching systems. The only exception would be with the long zoom, which I really can't avoid being bulky with either camera.

I am torn between the NEX-6 and Fujifilm E-X1 or waiting for the next best thing in mirror-less within the next few months that would address speed and AF issues that I am most concerned about losing vs. the D5100 and getting better bang for my buck.

Those aren't your only two choices, and although I know many people on this forum will tell you the 1" sensor in the Nikon 1 systems is too small, it is capable of excellent pictures and accomplishes the task that you seem to be most interested in. The smaller sensor makes the lenses, especially the 30-110mm zoom (80-300mm equiv), tiny in comparison to any APS-C sensor lens.

With all that said, of course the IQ will be better on either the Sony or the Fuji. But as you stated in another post you aren't a pro and if you can get 90% of what you need from a mirrorless system you'd be happy. I feel confident the N1 system can cover 90% of what you need. Now that the lens line-up is more fleshed out you have more options and for the indoor shots and moving children. I'm sure the cheap but great 18.5mm f/1.8 (50mm equiv. for $189) will help you capture these moments still. Low-light is the only gripe of the system but it's truly not that bad and the aforementioned lens really helps out. Anyway, don't take my word for it. Go over to the Nikon 1 forum and check out all the pictures people post and how much people are liking the camera to their own surprise.

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