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Re: Nikon DSLR -> Mirrorless

I think you'll be happy with the NEX 6. Even though the newer Fuji cameras have faster AF than before, it still doesn't feel as fast as the slow NEX cameras.

I have a NEX 6 and was about to sell it to get the X-E1. I really like their lenses especially the nice kit 18-55 lens, quite a fast lens for a kit lens. I checked it out at a local camera store and really liked how it feels in the hand. A year or so ago I went to check out the X100 and was put away by the overall slowness of the whole thing. Since the new Fuji has the faster AF I thought I try it out. The store demo had the 18mm f2 lens and AF was just okay, noisy and jittery. However, I think the 18-55 might be faster and quieter but they didn't have one for me to try.

In the end, I ended up keeping the NEX 6, performance is overall faster and more responsive. Plus, since I use a lot of manual lenses, I like the focus peaking on the NEX cameras. I think if the X-E1 had focus peaking it would have made for an even tougher decision. One day if they have some focus assist option then I'll give them a try, really like Fuji.

To cure my itch to spend $$$ I ended up buying a new fisheye lens to satisfy my GAS lol

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