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Re: Not quite for professiona use as advertised

therathman wrote:

The camera gets a 6 at the highest. Good points - The High ISO is awesome. The camera, at the high end of Nikon's professional cameras does not meet even an advanced consumer's needs, let alone a professional. Obviously Nikon has paid for the glowing reviews.
Granted, the camera has an exceptional ISO range. Continuous shots a 9-11 fps is great
It provides very quick auto focus when it works.
video is OK - But you cannot change Zoom during Videoing.

I would suggest this camera only for those needing the high ISO - and caution them to double check images when finished shooting to be sure you got what you expected. I have lost critical pictures - even though pictures on both sides are fine.
I have recommended 5 Nikons to my immediate family. I do not know if these recommendations will continue.


1] Individual shots occassionally are extremely underexposed (Photos on both sides in same condition and settings are OK)
2] Camera freezes when reviewing photos / videos - only solution is to disconnect battery (even powering down does not stop freeze)
3] camera stops Auto-focusing on its own - again - only cure is to disconnect power source and then re-connect.
4] Occassionally - using 2 memory cards 1 for NEF and one for JPG - picture counts do not match. Some jpegs never happen - and yes - I was using approved cards with plenty of space (16G) and speed.
Critical shots have been lost
Granted some shots are awesome. Lastly - my wife has said many shots with my old D70 were far superior.
file sizes preclude uploading the poor images.
Nikon has been extremely slow to respond. For a flagship camera like this - totally poor.

BTW - I have used Nikon Camera for 30+ years, dating back to the film "F" body.
Very overpriced for the quality received

Even there are people ho complain that the D800 has noise issues , they just think pumping up the ISO will give them clean images, wrong, you have to judge the condition what ISO you will use...

If you use the settings you normally use for certain conditions, you will have great images..

It is not about the camera only, but the person behind the camera, a camera can only deliver the images with settings you add.

If your D3s had such bad issues, have you ever format the CF card in the camera and not using the PC or Mac to do it,?

The camera freezes? Have you done a rapid firing of 100 raw files and then suddenly want to review them? Even my D700 does that, it is called the writing buffer to the memory card...

The card issue you have with files of Jpeg and Raw is when you have changed between high and low compression between the shots, any camera will do that...

Trust you do the format of your cf cards before you do any photos taken....also, a tip for cards, when you have more than one card, label each one for which slot if you make use of Jpeg and NEF Raw....Changing between raw and Jpeg on each card will effect which one where to add.....

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