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Re: part 3 -- ISO ladder

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Buhl213 wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

By  a single lamp held about 3 feet away. So not super low light, but not that bright either. And nasty color temp ...


The HS50 really struggles. Quite surprising ...

If you bring up the HS' saturation in post to match the F900, will it be equally noisy - in particular the F900's yellow at ISO1600+3200?

They are all at default settings with no tweaking in this test ....

Yes, you already stated that - what I am asking, based on my inability to judge it myself, is if the fading colours of the HS could be brought up to the level of the F9, and, if they were, whether the noise then would reach or exceed that of the F-images or stay reasonable. Otherwise I cannot from the current images judge if the differences are due to hardware or software (whether fuji chose to deal different with noise/high iso in the two cameras); and while I understand your test do not attempt to reveal that I find it important (to the extent pixelpeeping is important for these cameras) as one thing cannot be remedied while the other (perhaps) can.

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