Notebook, Tower PC, All-in-one - what is your hardware ?

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robertpicassa wrote:

I like all in one pc, as it is best for photo editing purpose.

While I agree that all-in-ones are popular, I don't particularly like them.  The primary problem with them is that you have all the hardware (computer + monitor) all in one package.  When it comes time to upgrade the computer, you end up having to discard the monitor along with the computer.  Or, if something serious happens to the computer out of warranty (motherboard dies, or PSU goes bad and wipes out the motherboard) you can't use the monitor portion of the system with another computer.  While it takes more space, I prefer a separate computer & monitor for the versatility.  I'm currently on my third computer using the same monitor.

I also agree with Jim Cockfield regarding the laptop versus desktop issue.  If you don't need a laptop for it's portability, go with a desktop.  Apart from it being much more expandable (able to change graphics card, more memory slots, more hard drive bays, etc.) the components generally run cooler in a desktop computer, contributing to longer life.

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