Epson R2000, experience and other thoughts.

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Re: Epson R2000, experience and other thoughts.

raggafury wrote:

Hey Joe, got the carts Haven't tried them yet.

To answer your questions, I have to fill up about once every six days. It may just be like you said the constant taking out/putting back carts that is problem. I'll see if the new carts help solve the problem. Thanks for warning me about the 4900 issues, wow I'd hate to be stuck with one

Sorry I didn't recognize your forum name!

Yes, when you get a chance, go ahead and set up your the new carts and just routinely top them off in place. But don't forget to plug the VENT before the fill plug is removed. You will syphon ink through the head and into the purge unit if both plugs are out at the same time. if you have an extra set of plugs, go ahead and pre plug your vent hole. then you can remove the fill plug, and top off each carts one at a time, re-plug, reset, remove vent plug and keep printing! Remember to top off at about 30% levels.


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