Simga 70-200 f2.8s

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Re: Simga 70-200 f2.8s

Claude F Parent wrote:

I got, I guess a now old sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 APO DG.  No macro, no HSM (it seems, nothing is indicated on the lens label description). I bought it for my good old Minolta 7D (not the one I am using anymore though).

I love it, but I would also love more focusing speed (with my A580). I am now thinking of upgrading the the newest HSM generation.

Will I get some real speed improvement with HSM over the version I actually have?

Will I get or lose some sharpness?

Thanks for your opinion (and experience)

If yours is the "DG" version I think you do have the HSM; I don't think there is a non-HSM "DG" version, unless they made a non-HSM version in your particular mount. I don't know that you will actually gain focus speed or not, but that may depend primarily on whether or not your current lens has HSM already - Sigma used to have a nice chart of all of their older lenses with specs for comparison, but it seems that it got lost with their website updates.

As for whether you will get or lose some sharpness, the answer is yes, you will get and lose some sharpness, depends on the particular focal length and aperture combination. In some cases the newer versions are better, in some cases the older versions are better. You can compare the DG-APO (first digital coating version) with the "Macro II" version and the latest OS version (which I hate the ergonomics of personally) on DXO Mark and look at the Sharpness profiles or field maps to compare different focal length/aperture combinations to see where you gain and where you lose. Be sure to select the same camera for all three lenses (they don't default to the same body).

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