Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?
Lattimer wrote:

I intially bought into the Nex system when I was graduating from P&S and wanted something smaller than DSLR for travel. My wife and I usually end up taking one international trip per year, and I like to try and take the best pictures I can, because you never know when/if you'll be able to make it back to some of these locations.

And you made a fine choice.

I started with the Nex 5N and the kit 18-55 along with the Sigma 19 and 30.  I figured I could use those lenses to practice, and get the "G" zoom that was rumored to be just around the corner when it came out.  Months turned into more than a year and a half, and still no high end standard zoom is available for the e mount.

Rumors are the issue, whereas the official roadmap has had the pancake (20mm/2.8, launched), G-zoom (and a short telephoto, 85mm expected) scheduled for 2013.

And, IMO, if you want to maximize quality, you should consider substituting zoom with primes. Obviously, if you are looking into a premium zoom, budget isn't much of an issue. And especially considering that if you get 20mm/2.8, 35mm/1.8 and 50mm/1.8, you not only have the most useful range covered, you have it covered with speed that no zoom will give you.

I've thought about getting the LA-EA2, but by the time I add that and an A mount lens, I could have just bought a full size DSLR.

Continuing on the point above, LA-EA2 is a great option if you want to expand the role of your NEX. If you are looking for a fast zoom with decent reach and build quality, it is not going to be light and small. But, of course, you would be buying it for certain occasions. Let me give you my own example. I have Sony SLT-A55, which is among the lightest and smallest DSLR/DSLT body out there at 495g. I also have Sony NEX-3, that tips the scale at 295g. I use several legacy lenses on NEX-3, have couple of E-mount lenses and several A-mount lenses. I have LA-EA2 (about 200g). So, when I do use LA-EA2 on NEX-3, the combination tips the scale at about the same. But, I don't plan on using LA-EA2 all the time.

My choice for telephoto is Minolta 200mm f/2.8 G APO HS. It is not only a beautiful lens, it is also considerably lighter and smaller than 70-200mm f/2.8 G SSM (think half the size and weight). Mounted on NEX-3 via EA2, the combination tips the scale at about 3 lb (that is the weight of 70-200mm f/2.8 G itself) and is still compact enough to allow 2-3 additional lenses in my sling bag.

So, while NEX-3 w/EA2 and 200mm/2.8 combination doesn't really make for a pocketable combination any more than A55 w/200mm f/2.8 does, I also have the option of putting small lenses and carrying the NEX in my pockets when I don't need the super fast AF speed via EA2. That can't be done even with A55, much less DSLRs.

Given that a higher quality zoom is unlikely to be available before our trip, should I start considering the SEL18200? Is the IQ much better than the kit SEL1855?  I dont mind swapping lenses occasionally, but if I could leave one lens on most of the time, it would make the trip much more enjoyable. If it's not clearly better than the 18-55, I guess I'll just make do with the kit lens most of the time.

And as with any zoom (except 18-55), I've opted to use EA2+A-mount lenses for zooms. The only E-mount zoom lens appealing to me is the 10-18/4 because it is tiny and light, and excellent. So, my personal choice for travel zoom is Sigma 18-250 HSM OS which I can use between A55 and NEX (new version of the lens does not have OS though, something important in such a slow lens). But, if you don't want to invest in EA2, then 18-200 (either Tamron or Sony) should work fine as a one-lens solution.

Or, you could consider simply a collection of primes. Find a cheap 24mm legacy lens, and I assume you already have 35mm/1.8 and 50mm f/1.8? Perhaps add a 100-135mm prime that you can slip in your pockets for telephoto reach.

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