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Re: Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

nikkorwatcher wrote:

Re 1), it would be very boring not to have an in-camera choice of framing the subject, don't you think? With the gigantic film area, medium format photographers could happily crop, but I think the 3:2 format for 35mm was quite realistic given the plebs would take a lot of scenics with it. I think they tried panoramic film in some slimline cameras similar to 110 cartridge film but they were not a big part of the market.

I find 3:2 useful to shoot sports in the portrait orientation. If they made a 2:3 sensor I wouldn't need a battery grip. Getting the camera level for landscapes might be trickier though.

As I believe Joseph Wisniewski has pointed out, the 3:2 ratio has design implications as well.

Flash sync speed is determine by how quickly the shutter can move across the sensor. Shutters are vertical plane (travel across the short side) for that reason. If you lengthen the short side, you now need a faster shutter or you deal with a slower flash sync speed.

In order to see 100% of the frame, you'd also need a bigger mirror for a square sensor in an SLR. Mirrors pivot on the long side in order to keep the sensor to lens distance to a minimum. With a square sensor, that distance would need to increase thus making a whole lot of existing SLR lenses obsolete and further complicating wide angle lenses. Of course, mirrorless camera would not have this issue.

All digital cameras would be affected by the change in LCD size required for a square display. Unless you wanted a square image every time, you'd see less of the image on the LCD for a given display size.

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