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Re: False advertising! Where are the cute dog photos?

NancyP wrote:

Please do post dog photos. I don't believe that I have seen a Chinese Crested dog before.

Here's my 'model' in one of my first 'dog test shots' with the DP2Merrill

My husband says Zoe looks at least 1/3 smaller now, after the haircut, and her legs look even longer than before. One feature of the Chinese Crested that's different from most other 'little white dogs' such as terriers or most other Asian-origin dogs is that she has long legs and can run like the wind. Think of a shih tzu waddle... Zoe can outrun a squirrel.
My husband calls her the little Afghan hound. They're called "Crested" because they have a distinctive top knot of hair on their heads... as well as a lion like ruff that just tends to tangle because of the harness! Ears are quite distinctive too. One neighbor called Zoe a "Dr. Seuss dog"
Nick and Zoe last spring, gives you an idea of her size

At first glance, one might think "poodle" but then people look puzzled when they realize she is not a poodle, then inevitably, "what is she?....." Chinese Cresteds are fairly rare, but we adopted her as a 'rescue' dog about 2 years ago, when she was 3 yrs. Chinese Crested are mainly famous, or infamous, for the hairless ones, but Zoe is termed a "Powderpuff Chinese Crested."
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