X100s - how to select split image?

Started Mar 28, 2013 | Discussions thread
OP Sutto Contributing Member • Posts: 502
Re: X100s - how to select split image?

Oops - I worked it out, was pressing the wrong button.

While I am on here, I must say (unless I am doing something wrong), I don't think the focus is much better than my original X100.  Generally, the whole camera operates a lot faster, but I am disappointed that the aperture blades still have to do that silly stop down shix each time you do a half-press, it just makes the whole thing so slow.   Somebody help me if I am doing something wrong with my settings, but I really hope it gets better than this.  Zach Arias did a rave about the focus, but unless I am missing something, a bit of a disappointment.



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