NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: DPR Doesn't Think It's Perfect?

Annex wrote:

cptrios wrote:

If Sony came to you and offered to install a third control wheel on your NEX-6, free of charge - would you really say "No thanks, Sony. That'd just be needlessly old-fashioned?"

No, it would be great (and thats what the 7 is).

However, another control wheel would be another *customisable* control wheel (ie not dedicated). I'm all in favor of extra customisable controls (within reason) but dedicated controls (ie this wheel ONLY controls iso) are on the way out imo.

Control customization is the cat's meow, no doubt - just let someone design the software who knows photography, someone other than the Sony intern who's been doing the Nex UI in the past .

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