Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

Keit ll wrote:

When I bought the roadmap didn't exist but foolishly I believed in promises made by a Sony rep ! OK things are different now but seeing a roadmap doesn't actually guarantee anything , it certainly doesn't give reliable dates for the next releases for instance.

And to think you're singing praise for Fuji's launches. At least Sony has delivered what it has promised on the road map so far and done so while keeping the prices lower than Fuji (only 10-18, 18-200 and 24mm/1.8 are more than $500, which matters more than differences require pixel peeping... often to the surprise that there isn't any).

It will be a first, if Sony didn't launch 85mm and a G-zoom this year.

Who in Sony made the decisions about the Heinz varieties of the 18-200 mm zoom ? Who was it didn't realize that when they decided to move up-market with the NEX 7 that better lenses were required ? Who decided to persuade Zeiss to bring out more lenses without addressing the issue of lack of IS ?

I don't need OS/IS even on 35mm f/1.8 lens much less at shorter focal lengths. In fact, the ONE E-mount lens I do have, with OSS, isn't often used for months. And when I do, it is rarely with OSS because I keep it turned off (and do the same on my A55 too, unless dealing with extremely low light conditions).

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