RX1 - a day in Philly

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Ray Sachs
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RX1 - a day in Philly

Hi all, loving shooting with the RX1. A real pleasure and I've pretty much decided I'm going to buy this one. Its not going to be my predominant street camera (I'll always choose something a bit wider and with a smaller sensor for more DOF and easier zone focus), but I had no problem doing some street shooting with it. So I'll never hesitate to carry it, knowing if some street opportunities arise, I'll be able to get them well enough. Both the shooting performance (including the FUN factor) and the quality of the raw files continue to amaze. I'm getting a loaner X100s probably next week sometime and I'm sure the shooting experience and fun factor with that camera will be equal to and may surpass the RX1 in some ways, but I already have an X-Pro and I know those files and they're really quite good but they RX1 files are just in a different league than anything I've shot with previously. So its a keeper for sure.

I live about 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, about an hour by commuter rail. So I got up early yesterday and took the train in with some of the early-bird commuters.

The train arrives under a full moon.

Commuter trains arrive in the City...

Still sort of dark on the sidewalk...

Moving the food carts into place for the day.

Working the day's crossword puzzle.

One hopes

Even with electronic communication as good as it is, bike messengers are still everywhere...

The obligatory narrow DOF shot. Someday I'll figure out a real use other than portraits for this technique...

A surprise rainbow on a completely sunny day.

Inside Reading Terminal Market - had to use auto focus for these, not enough light for zone...

The signs of the market...


Fujifilm X100S Sony RX1
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