Epson R2000, experience and other thoughts.

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Re: Epson R2000, experience and other thoughts.

raggafury wrote:

Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and also rather new to the printing world. I was hoping to share my experience with the R2000 printer and learn a few things from you guys at the same time.

Typically I print 25-35 color full pages a day (20% A3, 80% A4) , using inkjetfly inks. I am pretty happy with how things are going, the R2000 is perfect for my needs and I could not be happier with the quality.

The only downside is that it clogs often. I have to run nozzle checks every morning and run print heads cycles almost on a daily basis. In general just one cleaning gets rid of the clog but some are harder to get rid of. My R2000s will last about six months before the nastiest clog will render it unusable and back to Epson it goes. I have tried cleaning them myself (windex soaked paper towel under print carriage, wrapped in plastic bag ans let sit overnight) but to no avail.

I was advised for the amount of printing I do that I should invest in the higher end models like the Stylus Pro 4900 and above. I wonder if these models are a better fit to my production.

One other area of investigation would be the ink, I think I have read about this brand being prone to clogging but I am not sure.

Anyways, I'd love to hear about other R2000 owners. Ciao for now!


I own and use a R2000 and I have had the opposite results. Not clogs whatsoever. Even if not used for over 1-2 weeks. I am running OEM carts. Which I was able to stock up on when the sets were being offered on Ebay for only about $15 a set.

When I was running 3rd party inks, I was using Image Specialists for either Precision Colors or No problems with either one.

I will sometimes print several 13 x 19 or smaller during a session but not as many prints as you as I also have about 15 other printers that I distribute daily jobs to.

With your volume of printing, just how often do you have to top off an reset? You could be introducing air or possibly loosing your priming. Both conditions will appear are clogging when it is not.

I am using special carts for my R2000. They have pushbutton resetting and so, can be topped off while still installed in the printer. So you do not have to remove then and so, not chance of air getting into the head.

I made a video on these very carts that are available from CHINA through

Link to my Video:

Going over to the 4900 K3 HDR printer is even worse or have you not read the many customer / user complaints about the head's constant clogging and eventual malfunctions and death?

If you are not going to print anything larger the 17" wide I would seriously looking into a PRO 3800 or the 3880. Much better built and almost non existent clogging issues. I have two PRO 3800 and they are 100% trouble free.

So just how many have you had to send back to Epson?


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