Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes

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Re: Hotshoe extension cable with 2 hotshoes


These 'Dual' cord TTL cables are tricky. I own single hot-shoe cords too, but of the Dual type I have examples from Yongnuo, Ishoot and Godox.

Your link points to a version that look identical to my Godox for C version.

I'm not an electronic engineer, but my take is that your 60D (like my 7D) 'expects' its hot-shoe to be communicating with a single Speedlite type device. (Neither Nikon nor Canon have ever released a Dual type I/ETTL cord.) So there will be a signature in terms of voltage at each pin, resistance, impedance and code that the camera's hot-shoe/system is setup to handle. My guess is that if you depart significantly from that, then you invite failure.

My Godox Dual cord is well made and handles a single Speedlite occupying one of the hot-shoes (either one), perfectly.

Any departure from that frequently fails. (However, there may be isolated particular examples in which that rule may relent. For instance, you may find examples where 2 identical Speedlites, setup with their settings matching perfectly, might play ball and act 'as one', maintaining ETTL & on-cam M flash power adjustment, exactly as you might hope. These will be the exception to the rule.) Are your Vivitars perfect identical twins?


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