Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

tomhongkong wrote:

Strangely there is an increasing number of reviews of the X20 by professional reviewers, or blogs by professional photographers who look very positively on the X20.  (Google X20 reviews to find them)

At the same time there are posts on this forum by some folks who honestly admit to being beginners which show photographs which are poor, as well as some others which could have been better taken (and some decent shots as well).  The evidence of poor results is seized on by those who are determined that the X20 is going to be a failure as evidence to support their wishes.  (It is not difficult to take a bad photo with a good camera....I do it all the time!)

I have not yet upgraded from my X10, as I am waiting for prices to settle, as well as for further reviews.

However which set of current evidence do you believe?

I know which I do

Good shooting


The evidence so far points to the substandard JPEG engine in the camera, which will cause problems in all shooting situations where low contrast detail is present, and if there is any underexposure, which puts a lot of strain on the operator. It all goes back to the mini-Leica fad, some "pros" will put up with anything to have a fancy "photographers" camera, and some "amateurs" will genuinely struggle if they don't shoot RAW. I know which set of evidence I believe. A good camera should have a decent JPEG engine, not to have to dance around the settings all the time to get usable images.

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