If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

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Re: If this video doea not address it nothing will! For EPSON

jtoolman wrote:


Yes it is about 1:20 hrs long BUT it will answer just about all your questions.

My favorite line about 4 minutes into it, is, " You bought a printer, USE IT, don't let it sit for a month" which is my constant printing SERMON!

I will watch this while I sit for my baby grandson today! Training the boy early!


After watching this twice I now wish I could rewrite my title!

I found myself thinking HUH???? Really? during many of the segments and I was thinking, wit,,, this is one of the guys at top echelon Epson Tech support? Good Lord!

I apologize for my premature excitement when posting this link. I only got to watch about the 1st 8 minutes before having to get on the road.

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