Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

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Re: Where's the "G" or Zeiss standard zoom?

Dear Lattimer, you write:

"... something smaller than DSLR for travel. My wife and I usually end up taking one international trip per year, and I like to try and take the best pictures I can, because ...

And the you explain why you want to have the G zoom to do that.


What is missing when you use  the 18-55 E kit zoom in image quality right now? Can you describe the loss you suffer in your pics with the standard kit zoom? I really wonder about what that is . Please, please let us know.

For example what percentage of the final "image quality" do you personally attribute to

(a) "gear", what to

(b) luck, what to

(c) a good viewing eye for composition, light, the final picture previsualized,  what percentage to

(d) good post processing skills, what to a

(e) good lab and framing of the final image.

From my experience, I would guess  - for me -  the percentages are around

(a) 10%, (b) 15%, (c) 50 %, (d) 15%, (e) 10%.

And - for me - how important is the "gear factor" then?

If one cannot, does not want to "improve one's gear" alone, then most of one's improvement comes  from part (c) of the equation. Improve your visual acuity, your seeing ability, learn to see and take pictures. It has the 5 fold effect that a possible minimally better lens addition might have for what you want to achieve: better pics.

Good luck with what you own. The other, the 'dream gear' is nearly irrelevant to the pics you and/or your wife just don't like enough because in your mind you have executed them badly, there is usually no blame on the gear, please.

Good luck learning humbly how to shoot what will make a good picture then!

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