Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

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Re: Tripod recommendations for a 5D Mk3 + 70-200 F2.8

Rick Knepper wrote:

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I am in the market for a new tripod and wondered what other 5D users are currently using

I borrowed a friends budget Manfrotto last night and it shook a bit too much meaning I went home with a lot of blurred shots.

I will be using a variety of lenses but i stated the 70-200mm in my subject header as the combined weight of this with the 5D is quite heavy.

I does not need to be super lightweight as most of the time it will be in the back of a car and it won't be used on a daily basis however this is not to say that won't happen in the future.  I am currently considering a Manfrotto 055 but have not really settled on the material yet.

Can anyone offer any recommendations?

I can recommend the Gitzo 2531 (this may be an older item number as I've had it for a while) because it's what I finally narrowed the field to based on my own needs. I went with Carbon Fiber for weight and damping. I hike a lot so I had to figure that into the equation. Gitzo's product numbering starts with 1 for the lightest tripods and goes up to 5 for the sturdiest at least that seemed to be the case when I was shopping. I chose a 3 segment leg version to gain more stability but it doesn't fold down as compact as a 4 segment leg version. I travel with a huge Travel Pro roller "cabinet" so the tripod fits into it perfectly. I made sure the tripod I chose put the camera at eye level for my height without extending the middle bar (the most stable position). If weight isn't a concern, then a 3 series product from Gitzo would provide more stability, necessary, I suppose, in high wind situations. For high wind, I shoot hand-held anyway.

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Wow just had a look online at the Gitzo range and they are huge money!!!  I am still suffering the pain from the purchase of my 5D Mk3 (I nearly had to sell a kidney to buy the camera) however the photographs it produces are worth the suffering!

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