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Re: part 3 -- ISO ladder

PAUL TILL wrote:

jcmarfilph wrote:

PAUL TILL wrote:

Joms, it's plain to see, just look. Go out and buy some of these cameras and test yourself, show all of us your results.

You keep on raving about these HS cameras and never show anything to back up your claims!

I did. I stomped his MSize claim million times already. Dave also posted one on a separate thread.

And I do not buy camera just to shoot crayons and threads and brush. I go out and shoot birds and different animals.

-=[ Joms ]=-

It's not as easy to do a controlled test out in the wild unless you can get your hands on a stuffed bird.

Maybe Kim can look on e-bay for one for future tests.

I think a stuffed great horned owl test could be insightful and entertaining. Detail could be analyzed, effects of nr..then add a fan to the mix and determine shutter speeds at different apertures.........this could take one into their twilight years.


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