TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: Ever looked at samples from new FT5 ?

Come on, this 3200 ISO shot looks much better than expected. 3200 ! Some of my best pictures are made with the Ricoh GX200 and that was unausable above Iso 200. My Sony Alpha 700 DSLR is unusable at ISO 1600, worse than this shot ! Why are people so obsessed with hight Iso ? If you are,  buy a Canon or Nikon DSLR.

In a static shot like that Panas OIS really shines and I'm sure you could do the same shot with Iso 800, handheld. I wouldn't even have the idea to use 3200 with these kind of cams !

What's more important: all the samples up to Iso 400 from this cam look WAY better than the horribly smeared samples of the Pentax and the Oly.  Texture, colours and sharpness - all managed fine by the Pana. I wanted to buy the TG2 ("fast lens", I have an E-Pl1 and E-PM1 so I'm quite an Oly fan-boy), or the Pentax, but in the end its the image quality which counts. Maybe even the Nikon W110 does  better than Oly and Pentax in terms of iumage quality. Both companies do lots of great little cams and I think this experience can be seen here.


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