Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

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Re: Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

mattmadd wrote:



I think there is a 23mm pancake lens coming for the xe1  and just wondering what you people think it would compare to the x100 or x100s re. image quality.....

I have the x-e1 and would like to make it a little "smaller" i guess so it would be kinda "pocketable" and not sacrifice in iq..

Thanks for the input


I've just recently been lent and tried out the X100S directly against my X100.  The X100S now has the same look (image-wise) as the X-E1 and has lost that X100 feel (I didn't want to believe that, but after trying the two side-by-side it's true, sadly - those beautiful deep reds of the X100 are now distinctly magenta, and yes, they were set up identically!).  Aside from high-ISO, my X100 even out-performed the X100S in some areas!  I'm sure a firmware release will have the X100S up to speed, but for the moment I still prefer my X100.

If I didn't have any Fujifilm X-Series cameras and I had £1000 to spend, it would definitely be the X-E1 with the 18-55mm zoom as a starting point.... unless you really really really want that fixed lens, OVF, the silent operation of the X100S, and don't care about ever using another lens on it.

I'm not saying that the X100S is a bad camera, but it certainly isn't the quantum leap above the X100 that some rather over-enthusiastic reviewers have made it seem like.  The X100 remains a bloody good camera and is an absolute bargain at £499!!Hi. Ya it is tempting to grab a used one for $650 Canadian. I have read many posts where the the iq or "look" of the x100s has lost something compared to the x100. Tim

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