TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: Ever looked at samples from new FT5 ?

The FT5 looks really good at low iso, but that picture inside the church is pretty bad, but then again I would never shoot at 3200 iso on a camera like this, I'd be leary of going past 800. I am slightly worried about the ft5 leaking, I would like to take it in while surfing sometimes, and I think the pressure under a wave could succeed 4 times the depth or more.

Jefftans pictures are better than expected, the NR doesnt honestly bother me too much as I expected, good shots to test that too.

Id really like to see a good comparison review, Im tempted by the aw110, ts5 and tg2, and it looks like they all get the job done decent. I cant consider the d20 because it is so ugly to be perfectly honest. I like the idea of throwing this in my pockets when I am travelling and going out to bars and things as well, but maybe I'll have to pick up another cam for that some day, because it doesnt seem that high iso is great on any of these. I usually do black and white for high iso, so I would rather a ton of grain than any NR. Ive been happy using my old sd1000 for this purpose for a long time.

Is there any chance of any of these being hacked? Maybe I'm not supposed to talk about this here.

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